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You can get rid of lichen with an integrated approach and return a person to his social sociability, because many patients with “powder in their hair” feel discomfort and avoid contact with interlocutors. Handbook of dermato-venereologist. Etiology and pathogenesis. The disease is the most severe form of seborrhea of ​​the scalp.

The skin of the scalp and hair are covered with a large number of firmly seated dense whitish-gray scales resembling asbestos fibers (stone flax), mainly in the crown region, less on the back of the head. The hair sticks together with scales that are difficult to separate from the hair and skin. Small scales can simulate nits, large scales resemble psoriasis, which was the reason for the name of this disease psoriasiform seborrhea.

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  • Hair dry, devoid of shine. Often itching of sildenafil pills degrees. Keratinized masses often surround the follicular funnel.

  • This oil is abundantly impregnated with the scalp and covered with compress paper; then wash hair with soap and water. After removing the scales, 2.5% salicylic vaseline, sulfur-tar ointment are rubbed:

  • Inside prescribe vitamins A and E, vitamin B 12 (200 γ 30 injections). The treatment is vigorous for several months. Who has had asbestos lichen? How to treat effectively?

  • In the process of Viagra asbestos lichen locally, the scales should be carefully removed by combing, after softening them for 12-24 hours with oil, ointment compresses with the addition of 2-5% salicylic acid.

  • To wash the scalp affected by asbestos lichen, mild shampoos are recommended, for example, for children. Erosed areas of the skin are extinguished with aniline dyes, ointments are applied with reparants, for example, vitamin A, aekol, antiseptics, for example, with 2% yellow mercury oxide, 0.5% resorcinol, antibiotics.


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In case of asbestos lichen, patients are also recommended to regularly wipe the skin of the scalp with Alibura liquid, moisturizing with serum from sour milk, rubbing egg yolk diluted in half with boiled water into the hair roots for 20-30 minutes. Determining Causes Symptoms Diagnosis Prevention. Cases that some dermatologists mistake for early psoriasis are referred to by others as asbestos lichen. Asbestos lichen is a type of viagra sale reaction of the scalp to injury or infection, but it can occur for no apparent reason. This condition sometimes complicates seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and lichen simplex.

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A fairly common, usually in girls, form of the disease is complicated by recurrent or chronic cracks located behind one or both ears. Peeling can also spread to adjacent areas of the scalp. In another form of the disease, the lesion spreads from foci of lichen simplex due to drug exposure and is observed in middle-aged women. This form of the disease is usually limited to small areas of the scalp, but may be widespread either diffusely or in numerous small lesions. This form, upon subsequent observation in children, turns out to be psoriasis. Most patients note hair loss in areas of intense peeling. With effective treatment of flaking, hair growth resumes.

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The combination of the disease with these and other diseases is difficult to assess. This score depends on the initial clinical diagnosis. Masses of glued silvery scales, overlapping each other like tiles, adhere to the skin of the scalp and are attached in layers to the hair shaft, surrounding the latter. The underlying skin of the scalp may be red and weepy. The skin may also show normal erythema and scaling, or other signs of psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, or lichen simplex.

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